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Dansk ETIKontakt Gruppe in English

My name is Thomas, and I am just an ordinary 47 year old guy, with a few UFO sightings and contact experiences of my own, and have been so luck to share this the past 3 years, with my wife Julia. We have been fortunate, and had a lot of mutual sightings, often shared with other friends as well.
Blood Moon Visitor video + inverted colours.

I also have this blog, mostly in Danish, and with that, I have also made a Google+ Hangout, where we can talk about ETI contact and related topics. "Usual Hangouts" are now a live OnAir
google+ hangout, and we try to have them every month on the GCE-5 days. One of them, was on March 21st., 2015. check it out here.

I have followed the developments in Ufology since childhood when I had my first sightings, read a lot of books (Timothy Good, Stanton Friedman etc.), and have always been fascinated by the sky, science and cosmology, especially since 1989. The development from the Hubble telescope and COBE satellite and in Cosmology until the present, have been amazing, we truly live in an age of discovery, and our consciousness is coming along as well.

Blood Moon Visitor in field.

I find the EtLetsTalk and CE-5 very relaxed and peaceful, full of positive vibes. I am not sure you need a protocol to do this, it is a state of (one) mind, we are all capable of entering, in various ways.

But for peaceful CE-5 and interaction, the CE-5 protocol we use, and implied ethics are very useful, and ensures a secure setting for the contact. CE-5 via meditation, visualization, sound, relaxation, art and music, without fear and with an loving open heart and mind are essential for me. I am blessed to share these experiences with my wife for 8 years now, Julia.

My own experiences before doing CE-5, have always been in peaceful and relaxed surroundings and setting, one special and strong one happened while night fishing on a beautiful lake, perfect, calm weather (no moon) with a clear view of the milky way. Strong, because we we're 3 people sharing the phenomenon, all with a strong sense of an extraordinary E.T shared experience, not only visual, but emotional and interactive as well. My life long friend recently described is as "feeling totally empty and relaxed" during the sighting.

I can recommend Bastians youtube channel with music:
[Bastian/StarGazer CLICK HERE]

Bastians youtube with CE-5 and other experinces on video, similar to our GCE-5 experiences on Hjarnø:

For GCE-5 on november 2nd., 2013, I did another form of contact, and feel it was also a success. this was only based on meditation and consciousness. It was also a test of a simple magnotometer/laser setup, I made to see if I could detect changes in the field during my contact meditation. To my surprise it worked, but I cannot say if it is connected. But I felt conneted for sure. This is the the setup, I am testing it with my phone.

Here is a video during the actual meditation, and the magnet/mirror setup moves:

Sorry, but we don't book star craft travels/space vacations... yet.

I hope to be able to use some of this material, and more from the Peoples Disclosure Movement, to make a presentation in Danish on the subject. This could be done in various ways, but main focus would be an open debate on the subject, based on my own experience and view on the subject. This takes some time, and I also need the proper permissions etc. from the respectful parties.

Something about opening your chakras.

I am a bachelor of social education, with a strong emphasis in my work on the work by Howard Gardner, who also have given great insights into how your consciousness and learning processes are connected. I have worked as teacher (10th. grade explorer team), kindergarden and with physically ans mentally disabled children and adults. My C.V also includes NGO work in music organisations, charity, 350+ live concert performances, mostly in Denmark, but also in Israel, Holland, and the U.S (CA, NY, NJ and PE), and a lot of jams in various places on this beautiful planet.

Visit in Vejle, January 1st., 2015.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Kind regards

Thomas F. Kortholm & Julia Kortholm - Peace, Love and Light - Namaste

A video summary from 2013, of our experiences:

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