onsdag den 16. december 2015

Our Year In Music, Pictures & Video [2015].


YuleTide Greetings from Denmark!

We had a great year, tried our best to do our part in supporting "The Peoples Disclosure Movement" & share our experiences. This was the message we got from our friends, after the friendly visit on new years evening, January 1st. 2015. "Follow Your Heart And Tell".

Our blog is getting close to 10.000 views, the youtubes got 5000+ views by now & the music & guides got 1000's of plays & downloads, that is really amazing - THANKS!

We're looking forward to more hangout's, making new & better guides, and hoping to meet more great people in 2016. Peace & Light!

Our year in pics, video & music!

"YuleTide Tom Ask Senators: Naughty or Nice?" December 24th., 2014.
[Please Note: Support for PRG/CHI withdrawn afterwards]

#Artists for #Disclosure with Thomas Kortholm, January 7th., 2015
[Please Note: Support for PRG/CHI withdrawn afterwards]

"The Secret Base On Mars" feat. Stage [Educational Video]
Inspired by the real weirdness surrounding #DisclosureGate, and especially the nice support, in the interview above, from Alfred Labremont Webre.

DisclosureGate - The Musical Hangout Special, March 8th., 2015.
[Incl. the smash hit "DisclosureGate" feat. Stage]

Christmas Song For Peace

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